Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Women and Crossfit

I enjoy training with Crossfit because is both fun and effective.I have discovered Crossfit to be more effective for losing weight than other fitness regimens, and Crossfit gives you fast results. While you are losing weight, you will also see a marked and steady increase in strength as well. I find Crossfit to be especially fun because of the variety of exercises and the frequent changes in routine, this helps to keep it more interesting than the typical gym routine. Crossfit consists of a mix of balance training, cardio, and resistance training.Crossfit will provide you with a healthy challenge, both physically and psychologically, it helps to build character. You will feel good in body and spirit after training awhile this way. Once you have become adept at Crossfit, you will be conditioned for any other type of training you may want to try. 

Crossfit prepares you for to face any challenge. I like to compete with myself when training with Crossfit, improve my personal best records. I worked steadily at my Crossfit training and was constantly breaking my own records, accomplishing more exercise volume in less time as I practiced Crossfit. I don't compete with others when I train, I focus on self-improvement and breaking my own records, improving my personal bests.I was used to hard training, however, the first day I trained with Crossfit, I felt like I was going to die! After training in it for awhile, I became better conditioned to the regimen. I have noticed my strength has improved, I have excellent endurance, and my speed and conditioning has been improved by Crossfit. Crossfit is also helping me to improve balance and maintain flexibility. I enjoy the Crossfit style of training, look forward to my workouts. I primarily train for strength and health and Crossfit delivers on both. I make my main training focus health, that should be the priority, rather than external appearance. Crossfit will help you with your appearance, however. You can have a great body without the expense of plastic surgeries by using Crossfit methods. I don't pay attention to critics of Crossfit, it is working well for me and I am continuing with it.Just remember to train with an eye towards health and have fun in your life and training. Maintain balance in your life, don't become too obsessed with training and neglect other aspects of life, or other interests. Eat well, don't worry about dieting while doing Crossfit. The exercises will burn fat from you, be sure to eat well so that you are healthy and have good energy. Eat like a cavewoman and train like a beast, bahaha